At the start of 2014 I decided to become self-employed with one of the passions I've had ever since I was small: animal care. I grew up with animals and have always felt very connected to them. In my younger years I travelled a lot and that's why I had no animals of my own. But in my freetime I regularly looked after cats and dogs, while earning my money with administration and book keeping.
2009 three wild cats crossed my way, Gricolina, Alberich and Fidel and I decided to look after them. In the begining they were extremly shy and it took a lot of time and patience to gain their trust. At first they couldn't run free but since April 2013 they have enjoyed their freedom and are very happy about it. When I went on holiday for a week, I realised that it seems not to be common for carers to treat animals the way I do. For me, animals are the most honest, lovable and precious creatures on earth and should be treated with understanding, respect and empathy.
March 2014 I completed the theoretical part of the animalcarer light FBA course. To receive the certificate, I have to collect some volonteer experience in an animalshelter. Gladly, I found the right place in the Tierheim Surber and I started working in June 2014.
  Andrea Cornelia Steffen, Andy's Cat Service, Goldbrunnenstr. 148, 8055 Z├╝rich,
079 322 69 61,